Sun Clock is a program for Windows to show the local time around the world and the areas of the globe which are in night or day. In addition it shows the night sky and can be used to predict shadows at any location and any time of year.


City lights are visible at night time. During the year the extent of the polar ice caps and the nature of the vegetation changes to reflect the seasons.


Sun Clock 8 can be used as a standalone program, or the world map can be used as a full-screen wall display, or as a screen saver (without password).

The Sun Clock map displays the time at locations of your choice. The map can be centred on any location simply by dragging the map from side to side.


As the cursor passes over the map you can see the local time at any location. In addition, you can query the map by specifying the time at your home location and then see the corresponding time elsewhere in the world.


See the sky from your home location at day or night.


See astronomical data about the sun, moon, and oour neighbouring planets.


Sun path diagrams can be egnerated for any location showing the path of the sun across the sky throughout the year.


See how shadows are cast at any location, any time.


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Download Sun Clock 8 for a 30 day free trial. You can purchase a licence for personal use for 15 UK pounds (plus VAT in the UK and EU). This is a one-off perpetual licence..



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When you buy a licence you will be sent an automatic e-mail containing your licence number.

System requirements

Sun Clock is designed for Microsoft Windows 32-bit and 64-bit (7 and above - Windows 10 is recommended). Sun Clock has been designed either for ultra high definition screens (3840 x 2160 pixels) or for "Full HD" screens (1920 x 1080 pixels) though it will also run on lower definition displays. To use the full ultra high resolution data your computer requires 8Gb of RAM or more. If it has less the "Full HD" data is used. We do not advise using Sun Clock on computers with less than 4Gb of RAM.


No internet connection is required to run the program. No adverts, no data harvesting. The Sun Clock 8 program and its data occupy approximately 480Mb.


To get the full benefit of a high resolution screen, in Windows Control Panel, under "Display", ensure that the scale is set to 100%.


Legacy software

If you are running earlier versions of Sun Clock and for any reason need to reinstall then versions 4K and 7 can be downloaded from here.

Map Maker Sun Clock 4K

    Last updated:  file details: downloads/Install Sun Clock 4K.exe

Map Maker Sun Clock version 7

    Last updated:  file details: downloads/Install Map Maker Sun Clock 7 (legacy).exe